Can now contact me direct on line if you wish my line id is Nat636808

Am woman 100% bi sexual seeking single men.
Can do bbbj and cum on face or body men enjoy to fuck my big breasts (35C natural no silicon).
Also normal sex with condom, no anal.
Tour guide
Pictures can be taken during meeting as long as copies sent to me and this is extra service.
I also have a friend same age me but very small slim and petite so if you want 2 girls I can arrange but we not do lesbian.
Am currently in Phuket but normally based in Bangkok.
Contact me here first and can book me or both of us from 3000 each an hour.
Regrettably my friend is not available at present as she is having a baby but will be available in a month or so.

Country: Thailand
City: Phuket
Age: 27
Orientation: Heterosexual


Escort Details

Gender: Female
Breast: Large
Smoker: No
Height: 165 cm ( 5'5" )
Hair: Black
Nationality: Thai
Languages: English, Thai

Escort Services


Outcall: 3,000 THB

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